Since having Gina "do" my eyebrows, I have been very happy. I have had many comments from others who are interested in the procedure and I never hesitate to recommend Gina. Professionals working in salons have commented on the "excellent job" done on my eyebrows. Thank you Gina!

If you are considering permanent makeup, know that it can make a huge difference in your life! My eyebrows were so over-plucked that I was forced to "draw on" brows every morning (and sometimes have to reapply). Swimming was out of the question and I was always worried my brows would "rub off" or melt away with the summers heat. Permamnent makeup changed all of that. Gina did a fantastic job and worked with me to select the perfect brow color and shape. The results were terrific! In fact, I was so impressed with Gina's skill and artistic eye, that I went to see her for permanent eye liner. To trust someone to tattoo that delicate area speaks volumes! People still are shocked when I mention my permanent makeup - it looks that good. So glad I did this!

Dear Gina,

What you have done for me has been wonderful. Saturday, the first day I was a little swollen but not very bad. After that there was hardly any signs. I had had it done. Monday was my first day at work, Wow, people were coming up to me saying how great I looked. No one was really sure what I had done they just knew I looked better. Even my husband and children, who I had told was just going to get a haircut were amazed. My 13 year old, who could not figure it out kept saying how sexy I looked. My husband's reaction was well, I better no say, its too private. Thank you Gina for your expertise and care.

Gina has helped improve my overall appearance and given me a lift by enhancing my look. I am pleased with Gina's professionalism as well as her general expertise.